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A Black London Mistress – Goddess Nicole BDSM

Powerfully dominant

My natural place in the world is to dominate you. This can be in subtle ways or overtly with my accessories and tools at hand. One thing you will know is that my energy is strong and radiant. Only approach if you are ready to kneel before a London Dominatrix.

Uniquely gifted

You can learn and focus on what I enjoy and that which gives me pleasure. Mainly that is working with malleable and obedient subs and bending minds using my skills and abilities. Worshipping a Black London Mistress, hypnosis, along with physical and mental bondage, are areas that I specialize in. Be careful and mindful in what you ask for.

Wildly Beautiful

Born with genes spanning many cultures of the world inside me, I embrace my beauty and uniqueness in this life. I am the dream of the dreamer. It is permitted to look and admire but remember to bow before your Goddess and never put a hand out of place. A beauty like this, is to be adorned and most certainly not in any way exploited or taken advantage of. The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any. I am the empowered and demand your respect.

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