A day of messaging and dirty femdom talk £100
Two days £180

The closest you'll get to being my personal slave. 

Our chats could include sending photos, voice messages, short video clips and of course, text messaging. 

So what could we do if we were messaging for the day? Personal favourites of mine include: 

Public Humiliation - You go about your day as normal never knowing what I might ask you to do next. Maybe I'll make you wear stockings under your clothes, punish yourself in front of others for me or go shopping for lots of feminine items for yourself. Of course, you'll have to send me proof. 

Financial Domination - Ready to satisfy me even if it means making sacrifices? Become my pay pig for the day as I drain your bank account spoiling myself all day long. 

Slut Training - Let me turn you in to the perfect whore, we'll stretch that greedy slut hole of yours in preparation for me pimping you out.  

Cuckolding - Let me turn you into my little cuck bitch. I'll arrange for my bull to come over and will describe every detail of what we get up to whilst you just get to edge!

Foot/Stocking/Shoe Worship -  Need I say more?! Expect lots of delicious photos and videos.

Perhaps you'd just like to get to know me better and we'll spend the day chatting and planning the ultimate real time session.